How does a story fold itself into history? Was it history that she was sharing with me… or was it a haunting?

NEITHER X NOR Y is a site-specific audio artwork that invites you to visit and engage with three public sites in Singapore – the National Library, the Victoria Theatre, and Hong Lim Park.

The artwork is designed to be an intimate, contemplative experience to be listened to your personal smartphone and with head/earphones. At each site, you will be guided through a series of simple movement and reflection exercises that will enable you to quietly intervene or leave a trace of your encounter. Underpinning the experience is a multi-layered narrative that is informed by interviews, historical accounts and personal anecdotes of identity, difference and belonging.

No one at the given sites knows about this intervention although you may encounter other participants. No two encounters will be the same. Your experience will depend on the time and day of their visit, weather and site conditions, your mood, your chosen routes, who you might meet along the way, and your interpretation of the narrative and of each site itself.

To experience the artwork, simply play the tracks listed on this page in their given order at the designated sites and follow the narrative prompts. You are encouraged to listen to all tracks and to complete your experience on the same day.

This artwork was developed as a part of a larger case study about artistic interventions in Singapore’s public spaces. After you have finished your visit, please share your comments about your experience in the study’s anonymous questionnaire. More information about the study can be found in the FAQ section.

A site-specific audio artwork

Streaming dates: 10 July 2023 to 23 July 2023
Sites: National Library, Victoria Theatre, Hong Lim Park
Timings: All hours, with the exception of the National Library which can only be accessed between 10am-9pm. Please check ahead before you visit.
Duration: Approx. 90-120mins (does not include travel time between sites)

Audio narrative is in English and contains themes of personal identity, difference and belonging. No graphic language. Contains brief historical accounts of war crimes and anti-homosexual discrimination. Due to the research aspect of this artwork, the target audience is limited to participants aged 21 years and above.

  • Please travel light and dress comfortably.
  • Please ensure that your smartphone and/or wireless earphones are charged.
  • Please note that streaming the audio would require about 1GB of mobile data.
  • You are strongly encouraged to turn on the ‘Focus’ or ‘Do Not Disturb’ function on your smartphone before you begin, so that you are not distracted by notifications while you are listening to the audio.
  • You may wish to plan your timing and route between the sites before you start. Please note that there may be roadblocks and diversions around the City Hall area due to National Day preparations.
  • Please exercise common sense and caution when moving through these public sites.
  • With the exception of the National Library, all guided movements will take place outdoors.
  • As public sites may change without notice, you may find elements that do not correspond exactly to the audio. If so, you may adapt and see where your imagination takes you.
Play this Introduction track when you are in the vicinity of the National Library at Victoria Street.
Play Track 01 ‘Neither Silent Nor Still’ when you are at the ground floor interior lobby of the National Library Building at Victoria Street. [UPDATE: If you are unable to locate the book specified in this track’s exercise, it may be because the book has been moved or removed. Please use the book’s Call No. 30542095957WOM to help you locate its position on Shelf No. 6. Alternatively, you may choose to use another book within the Shelf.
Play Track 02 ‘Neither More Nor Less’ when you are in front of the Victoria Theatre clocktower at Empress Place. This part of the experience will end near the National Gallery at St Andrew’s Place.
Play Track 03 ‘Neither Odd Nor Even’ when you are at the fountain in Hong Lim Park at New Bridge Road. Content guidance: Brief historical accounts of war crimes, anti-homosexual discrimination.

IMPORTANT: Please visit the anonymous questionnaire to share your comments about your experience. Your comments will be helpful for the ongoing case study about artistic interventions in public space.


Regina De Rozario – Text, narration, field recordings, sound assemblage and design
Featured music – ‘Trickling Up’ and ‘Melancholia’ by Godmode; ‘Spring Thaw’ by Asher Fulero; ‘Allegro’ by Emmit Fenn.


What is this audio artwork about?

NEITHER X NOR Y is an audio artwork by me, Regina De Rozario. I am an artist, writer and researcher currently doing my Ph.D. studies at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. This artwork was created as a part of my case study about artistic interventions in public space. 

The audio artwork works like a site-specific audio tour, to be listened to on personal smartphones, while moving through specific locations in public space. The audio recording guides you, the solo listener, through a series of discrete movement and reflection exercises at each location; enabling you to engage with familiar public spaces in unfamiliar ways.

At the end of the experience, you will be invited to submit your response to the artwork via an anonymous online questionnaire.

See also – ‘Who are the people behind this artwork and study?’

What is this study about?

This artistic case study is conducted as part of my doctoral research, which investigates how art in public space might serve as a means of presenting narratives of minoritised groups to the public. In particular, it examines how the critical frame of ‘assemblage thinking’ could be used to produce politically-engaged artistic interventions in public space in Singapore. Through this case study, I seek to articulate the key aspects of this critical frame, and the potential opportunities and challenges that it would create for arts practitioners and policy-makers.

The work’s design employs narrative, sound, and performative gestures to draw attention to three notions related to assemblage thinking: that of heterogeneity, non-hierarchal relationships, and contingency. The conceptualisation of this work is also guided by a series of interviews conducted with eight selected individuals in 2022, that were broadly framed around the questions: 

– What does it mean to be ‘a part of’ one’s world, or ‘at odds’ with it? 
– What stories shape our understanding of the places we inhabit and the way we behave? 
– How might we ‘assemble’ with others, and share space? 
– What new assemblages might we imagine, create, and be a part of; to further understand our diverse subjectivities, relationships, and personal capacity to act? 

For the purpose of developing this study and the audio’s overarching narrative, I looked to my own lived experience as a queer woman, an artist, writer, scholar, and former public officer. I chose to interview three groups of people whose perspectives I wanted to weave into my own:
a) individuals who identified as ‘queer women’, and women who feel minoritised or ‘at odds’ in their respective environments; 
b) arts practitioners who engaged with ‘queer’ or other potentially sensitive material in their work; 
c) public officers who have managed potentially sensitive content in public exhibitions

The findings from these interviews were thematically synthesised to inform the eventual narrative script, location selection, design of the work, and the questionnaire that will gather participants’ responses to the artwork experience.

Is the artwork a part of an arts event or festival?

This artwork was produced independently as part of an artistic case study. 

How do I listen to the artwork? 

You can listen to the artwork by clicking on the Soundcloud links on this webpage. The description for each track will indicate when to start the track.

You are strongly encouraged to turn on the ‘Focus’ or ‘Do Not Disturb’ function on your smartphone before you begin, so that you are not distracted by notifications while you are listening to the audio.

What equipment do I need?

You will need a pair of headphones/earphones and a smartphone (with mobile data capability) that will allow you to access the Internet and stream the tracks via this webpage. 

Is the artwork freely accessible? For how long?

The artwork is free and publicly available between 10 July and 23 July 2023

What are the locations covered in this artwork experience?

The three tracks of this artwork experience will cover the following locations:

  • The National Library (Victoria Street)
  • Victoria Theatre (Empress Place) and National Gallery (St Andrew’s Place)
  • Hong Lim Park (New Bridge Road)

Each track will also point you to specific structures within these locations.

The experience will take place entirely outdoors, except for the National Library.

Will there be a guide at each location for the artwork experience?

No, this is a ‘self-guided’ experience. You will know what to do by listening to the cues on the audio recording.

Any recommendations on how to travel between locations?

All locations are within minutes of each other and are best accessed on foot, with your personal set of wheels, or via public transport. Please check ahead for parking facilities if you wish to drive. 

Please note that there may be roadblocks and diversions in the vicinity of Victoria Theatre/National Gallery due to National Day parade preparations. Please check before you set out to see if your route may be affected.

As the artwork experience will entail some movement exercises, conducted primarily outdoors, it’s best to ‘travel light’ and to dress comfortably. 

If you are carrying bags, please note that security staff at the National Library may request to check them when you enter and leave the library.

Can I listen to the artwork at home, or at other locations?

The artwork was designed to be listened to on-site, and the exercises conducted in response to materials, structures and situations found at the specified locations.

Are there set or recommended timings for the artwork experience?

As the first part of the artwork experience will take place inside the National Library, you may only conduct that part of your visit during its opening hours (Daily, 10am-9pm). Please check ahead with the National Library website for possible changes in their hours.

How long is the artwork experience?

The duration of the audio recording is approximately 90mins, but you might take up to 120mins, depending on how long you might want to take for the movement and reflection exercises. The overall duration will also depend on the time you might need to travel between sites.

Can I pause and return to the artwork at any time? 

Yes, you may start and stop the audio recording when you need to. However, you are strongly encouraged to turn on the ‘Focus’ or ‘Do Not Disturb’ function of your smartphone, so that you are not distracted by notifications while listening to the audio.

You are also strongly encouraged to complete all three parts of the artwork experience and the questionnaire on the same day. In the event where you cannot complete the experience on the same day – for example, due to bad weather, you may return to where you left off on a different day.

Can I listen to the artwork more than once? Will my experience be different?

Yes, you are welcomed (and encouraged) to experience the artwork more than once, perhaps at different timings. Each experience will be different as it is subject to situational and environmental factors you might encounter at each location on each given day.

Can I download the audio files to share?

No, due to the research aspect of the artwork, it may not be downloaded. If you know of others who are keen, please direct them to this webpage. They may stream it for free during the dates stated.

Is this a group activity? Will I be expected to interact with others during the experience?

This experience is designed for solo listening. While you may ask others to join you, each of you must use your own smartphone and head/earphones.

You will not be expected to interact with anyone during the experience. In fact, no one – not even staff at the various locations – is aware of this artwork.

Can I experience the artwork with others?

Yes, you may ask others to join you. However, each of you must use your own smartphone and headphones.

What is the content rating or guidance for the artwork?

The content deals primarily with themes of personal identity, difference and belonging. The content on Track 3 has a brief historical account of war crimes and of anti-homosexual discrimination. While there is no official rating applied to the artwork, it meets the general regulatory requirements pertaining to artistic works presented in public space. The artwork does not contain graphic language or profanity.

Is the artwork experience suitable for children?

Due to the research nature of the case study, the artwork and its questionnaire are limited to participants 21 years and above. 

Is the artwork experience suitable for those with mobility issues/concerns?

The selected locations and exercises have been designed with such listeners in mind. The artwork is also designed to allow for flexibility. If environmental circumstances on the given day are challenging, you may adjust your route or the exercises where needed.

Is it compulsory to fill in the questionnaire?

Your participation is voluntary. However, you are strongly encouraged to fill in the questionnaire as your response to the artwork is crucial and will help in the next phases of the overall case study.

Where do I leave my comments and feedback about the artwork?

You may submit your comments and feedback through this anonymous questionnaire.

How will you use my comments and feedback?

Your comments and feedback will be consolidated and analysed for a dissertation on artistic interventions in public space. 

See also – ‘Who are the people behind this artwork and study?’

Will you collect my personal information? 

No. The questionnaire will be anonymous and the streaming data will not be collected. If you were personally invited to participate, or have spoken to the investigators, we will not identify you by name within the case study.

Who are the people behind this artwork and the study? Who should I contact if I have questions?

Questions about the artwork and/or the case study (IRB-2021-1008) may be emailed to:

Co-Principal Investigator
Regina De Rozario (nie18.drr @
Ph.D. Candidate, Visual & Performing Arts Academic Group
National Institute of Education
Nanyang Technological University

Principal Investigator (Ph.D. Research Supervisor)
Dr. Charlene Rajendran (charlene.r @
Associate Professor, Visual & Performing Arts Academic Group
National Institute of Education
Nanyang Technological University

Should you have questions about participants’ rights in the study, please contact:

NTU-Institutional Review Board (irb @
Research Integrity and Ethics Office
62 Nanyang Drive
N1.2-B1-02A Singapore 637459